Monday, June 21, 2010

is being generous bad?

my mum thinks i am too generous, i think its not that bad

for example, i am living in a dormitory, so when someone new comes, i tend to lend them stuff, i mean its a waste of money to buy stuff new stuff and in the end they're going to leave it here, not a bad thing but seriously, what exist just use em, not like i use everything....

i am heading back to singapore on the 28th for a short 2 weeks holiday XD [aka food/relatives/friends trip]

so she like make sure you keep all your stuff in your room, like shampoo, electric blender/food processor, plastic containers, cockeries.....

i was like erm so ma fan...

think about for awhile yes its 2 weeks, yes there maybe strangers coming into the dorm, but i mean do u think they are so desperate to take the items and ship them back to their countries?

even they use it [shampoo or anything] there should be some left?

right now in this place there's 11 rooms, but there's only ME now XD [ok its abit scary i admit, but i am used to it~~~]

but do u think i should be selfish and keep everything in my room when i leave? cos the stuff outside i dun mind sharing XD i mean as long as they wash and clean it.... i am totally fine....

hrm i should go thru my photos and upload my dinners XD

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