Monday, August 18, 2008

Rinko cannot sing XD


Fields of Hope - 3C

yes i change the pitch and the speed.... *happy dance* this sound so crack sometimes....

the sunday was pretty wasted.... slept in till 2pm, watch olympics.... gave up watching the ping pong match.... instead, i played abit of WoW stalked an YJ auction XD

other then that i still got one gundam to fix up [after lunch & pinging?]

hrm later tonight i got class XD then after that i can go home and Zzzzzz

abit more perky today XD but still in a rather Zzzzz mood... ok what is plurk LOL

Thursday, July 3, 2008

life is interesting

for me, my love is my camera XD [no no, i am not a cam whore XD]

becos it takes uber cool pics, that i totally adore.... its abit scary sometimes for me... i really do not believe i am capable of producing the photos i have taken without it... it must be the camera the photographer is just lame [lets not go there XD] keep me occupioed for like 3 hours... its pretty 'happening' being that i dun go clubbing or hang out with much people....

the recent xia xue Vs Dawn... i really think Dawn is going overboard suing Xia Xue... she better like spend more time disapproving the FACTS then instead of denfending herself, cos she looks more guilty by doing that....

and her manager is erm just lol material XD like amusingly funny.... [not good way?]

but anyhows i love entertains me XD

hmmm tomorrow is my driving test!!!! oh god please give me my license i promise not to curse and swear @ the tester LOL

i am feeling pretty drained, was suppose to head for japanese class but i feel like *dead zombie dance* so i prefer to head home, kill a few monster for WoW and sleep early....

Drained Rinko

Thursday, March 27, 2008

this is me!

Ah this is me XD XD and this was taken some time back XD my hair has grown longer XD

work is the usual, not that busy, later i need to run an errand b4 japanese class... and i reliase i am pretty much lagging behind as i missed one class :<
Welcome to my Blog XD

This blog was setup for me to rants, spam random pics XD for this blog is more of me to blog during work [waste time XD]....

there will be tons of singalish [singapore kind of english] but just more of the slangs, i'll try to translate in case i use and explicives... :D

Name: Rinko
Age: born in 84
Sex: Female
Status: Fat Ugly and Single [F.U.S]

Interest: too many LOL