Sunday, July 12, 2009


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Still up for adoption (Jack Russell)

this is a jack russell i am TRYING to give away? her name is AH GIRL [generic i know :P she doesn;t even respond to it <.<"] got her from a neighbour of my parent;s employee..

she is 100% pure breed, but no certificates...

she likes biting stuff... she just spoiled a noisy toy i bought for her the other day... [might be a jack russell thing?]

hrm anyone wants her, just drop me a message @ tjaswantATyahooDOTcom OR call me @ 54230719 (backwards XD)

those that live in landed property & have previous jack russell handling experience need apply....
[yes this dog needs a big garden and previous jack russell knowledge i suspect... <.<"]

she;s quite a friendly dog, and i think she needs alot of SPACE and alot of playtime... i had her for 3 months now... she;s been great but then i have already like 4 dogs and a fat cat... <.<" so this is harder, cos i think she;s better off like u know with attention...