Thursday, June 24, 2010

Filial piety

i was watching these 2 vids found HERE

i find after watching that, i am grateful i was brought up the way i am, that is not matter what happen your parents are your responsibility, no one knows what the future holds...

to me i was fortunate to experience the sad stories about living in an old folks home, and how these old people are abadonned... well some families cannot cope up with their kids and 2 frailing parents, but some are those who are money minded....

money can only buy u so much material stuff, but they can;t buy u family or love... seriously y do people regret after their beloved parents are gone, its quite dumb, u decided money was oimportant but people do not live on forever....

take some time today to think about them, and thank them for having you and raising you, even thou you may have different view and opinions, dun be the one to regret later

god i guess i miss my parents too much... my dad especially.... oh well abother 3 days, i;'ll be home and happy on monday XD

Monday, June 21, 2010

is being generous bad?

my mum thinks i am too generous, i think its not that bad

for example, i am living in a dormitory, so when someone new comes, i tend to lend them stuff, i mean its a waste of money to buy stuff new stuff and in the end they're going to leave it here, not a bad thing but seriously, what exist just use em, not like i use everything....

i am heading back to singapore on the 28th for a short 2 weeks holiday XD [aka food/relatives/friends trip]

so she like make sure you keep all your stuff in your room, like shampoo, electric blender/food processor, plastic containers, cockeries.....

i was like erm so ma fan...

think about for awhile yes its 2 weeks, yes there maybe strangers coming into the dorm, but i mean do u think they are so desperate to take the items and ship them back to their countries?

even they use it [shampoo or anything] there should be some left?

right now in this place there's 11 rooms, but there's only ME now XD [ok its abit scary i admit, but i am used to it~~~]

but do u think i should be selfish and keep everything in my room when i leave? cos the stuff outside i dun mind sharing XD i mean as long as they wash and clean it.... i am totally fine....

hrm i should go thru my photos and upload my dinners XD

Saturday, June 19, 2010

hey world

looks like i managad to change everything and went thru all the settings XD wasn't that bad, now i only need breakfast....

ok till later, my usb read is missing!!! :(

oh and i adjusted the blog for the summer theme XD

post pictures as son as i find the usb device LOL
lets update this blog XD going back into some coding and design changs black and pink is nice but meh~~~