Thursday, June 24, 2010

Filial piety

i was watching these 2 vids found HERE

i find after watching that, i am grateful i was brought up the way i am, that is not matter what happen your parents are your responsibility, no one knows what the future holds...

to me i was fortunate to experience the sad stories about living in an old folks home, and how these old people are abadonned... well some families cannot cope up with their kids and 2 frailing parents, but some are those who are money minded....

money can only buy u so much material stuff, but they can;t buy u family or love... seriously y do people regret after their beloved parents are gone, its quite dumb, u decided money was oimportant but people do not live on forever....

take some time today to think about them, and thank them for having you and raising you, even thou you may have different view and opinions, dun be the one to regret later

god i guess i miss my parents too much... my dad especially.... oh well abother 3 days, i;'ll be home and happy on monday XD

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