Friday, March 12, 2010

what is love?

i am like 25 already, the only relationship i had ended up with this guy falling in love with a girl that i knew just becos she was more moe

and i ended up being sad for all say 3 days LOL then i decided he wasn;t worth it, after all he was someone i met in a fandom, and well IRL he was a guy that was your typical fanboy, and in he relationship i did all the romantic stuff, which was pretty silly of me, lesson learnt

1 hand = slap
2 hands = clap
3 hands = FIFO [first one in first one out]

but anyhow now i sit here on my heatpad in japan wondering what is love

is suppoedly when u can ONLY see that person in a crowded room <== but that again might be becos u are having tunnel vision

and becos of the tunnel vision u tend to look over stuff <== that makes u very blind indeed

and seriously think about it, there are enough evidence once that u become the gf he'l go fishing for another one, unless he does suffer from severe blindness and tunnel vision [i know of someone who does XD he;s cute, i admit, too bad he;s too young for me]

ok i am being cynical, i do believe in love, i do believe that one day i'll find someone who should be hilarious yet the more mature one, and someone i want to give my freedom for household enslavement to...

but love, its the one think man profess to give, but yet ride another boat, and women, we are total suckers for love, we want it but never find it....


  1. Dear Rinko,

    Anyone, I mean the average lookers, can find love... or a man.

    If you seriously need help, you'd have to email me, Rinko.

    Being fat is not a problem. Many slim babes become fat, many fat become slim. See? What's the big deal?

    I am not sure, but should you really be 'F U S' as you put it, your real problem may be simply the lack of confidence.

    Email me two real photos of yourself. If you need to slim down, I have the perfect way to healthily do the trick. ^.^

    Don't ask me for my email, you may search for it.

    I have to have my beauty sleep now.

    No matter what version of love you prefer, it must be your happiest choice, Rinko. And I sincerely wish you all the best!

    My humble service extends to all whom I deem appropriate to assist... yes, including fine women all across the globe.

    With style, good night!

  2. its not confidence, maybe its cos i dun want to find a bf just to be happy? and play this wear a mask act happy and lie...

    i am the practical person if i want a bf i would have already have one, i want someone for the long term...

    thats the problem is guess LOL

  3. Obviously the Prince on his white steed has yet come for his princess yet. ^.6

    Perhaps it really is not about confidence. Almost certainly that the right man has not appeared to remove your mask and make you smile broad like sunshine.

    Hopefully, your wait will not miss the train of sweet romance. Allow me to again wish you well in your venture among the thorns of beautiful roses.

    Love can be bitter and beautiful depending on which version you want it to be. Your choice will be most respected. :)