Thursday, March 11, 2010

jack neo bleh

seriously i am definately disliking him, i used to like him, being brought up in singapore he was a household name...

its sad, one after another famous men get their sexual tyrst revealed for the world to see... sad indeed...

to me the statement that 'if you dare top do it, u'll eventually get caught' is true

i think if you guys out there dare to cheat, u should count on the day u'll be found out...

i think dissapointed in jack neo is what i am trying say, not only having 16 other womens, but putting your wife thru the press conference 3 days after the big hoo haa, where is sense in that?

seriously if u really wanted to make up do not put the person who has so magnimously forgiven you out for the sharks to eat, i wasn;t suprise she fainted with the pressure...

forgiveness? sorry but i am in the camp that is Anti Jack neo, its one thing to cheat and another to put the person who magnimously forgive out for the sharks...

in the future if my husband cheats he'll go right out of the door, to me the logic is, he cheats once, doesn;lt meant he wouldn;t cheat many more times, save the tears and myself the many heartbreaks....

wonder which other idiot wil get caught cheating... XD


  1. Such things are very common in this sector, little girl.

    It's not just cheating...

    But you are probably right. He shouldn't have made his wife stand in the public, to tell people that she has forgiven him.

    Nonetheless, Durai even went to the point of getting her daughter to write and had the letter read in the parliament...

    Jackasses... same trick, no real remorse. Just smart alecs who'd do anything to get off the hook.

    I personally say, fuck him.

    And some people try to say he's the victim... LOL~

  2. he;s the victim, please lor, imagine the poor wife la, people will see her as the women whose husband has cheated on her...

    imagine having that labelled on you..

    really sad, men and their hormones on overdrive...

  3. It has been often like this... the bad guys protrayed as the victims and the victims accused of being responsible for the bad things.

    Otherwise, how can we actually know who are the bad guys? LOL~

    BTW, your comment at my posting with 'Notice' will disappear, because such posting will be deleted soon.

    Please comment in another posting so that sometimes I can find my way back here via your link left.

    You sound very young... One day you become a star, you'd the reality of this industry, and why people are sooooo dirty. Which is why I am trying to start Project S... So that people who want to be stars stand a good chance with real ability, and not just good fucking.

    Stay cool~

  4. i sound young, erm i am like mid twenties LOL

    but anyhows its probbly cos to me i still do believe in love, just like i believe there no such thing as a ever after

    and well up till now i am sill rather naiive, as dating/falling in love is not happen at this time or my life, although i would love to settle down have a family and stuff soon? [nah its me i guess day dreaming XD]

  5. Dearest Rinko,

    It is not per required, but nice to know you. If you like to, we should exchange links.

    It'd be good to chat with you on various life topics.

    As for love, I came across many many many girls and women... From experience and being very friendly here... perhaps you might like to think about what is love to you, then you can proceed to search for it.

    Many whom I come across don't know what love is. Women... most want love being a man to be their property for life. They feel secured or happy just to have their men around them. Some are like Romeo and Juliet, born enemies, never had sex, but they love each other, and gave their lives for it.

    Will this love be the kind you envision to be? Well... Not me.

    I love my women, everyone of them. My version is very simple, I love them I love them. See? Simple and sweet. And I don't sue any of them or force them to be my sex slave or so. Some guys... they see women like score boards, or private entertainment properties.

    Just to enlighten you, Rinko. Men and women ain't private properties. Hence, the basis of love. LOL~

    And I wish you all the best sincerely with all my heart that one day there shalt be a man who will come to sweep your breathe away, and someone you want to be with forever and ever.

    But note this... good men are a big deficit as compared to perverts. Which is,if there are too many smart women after the few good men, it is impossible to have love and not to share. Natural laws of randomity. ^.^

    Good night, little girl. And sweet dreams. Shalt we chat another day. :)


  6. haha its ok i left a link in one of your post....

    law of democracy, no one is a property of anyone, no one should have their actions restricted

    but then i guess it makes the marriage institute an opposition of the democracy that is a right to everyone?

    i heard of those men, they would be men with power and also atas [head in the sky]

    nah i prefer not get swept up off my feet, that would mean i am blind or having tunnel vision... [refer to my newest post]

    but yup thanks for dropping by i would love to read your articles more seems pretty interesting XD

  7. Regretfully so that love... is no democracy. For which you will love to vote into power, the power of love may have a choice of another man for you, my dear.

    Which is, the choice has never been yours to make. Heaven will choose of whom will appear in our puny lives, and the only choice we have is 'pass' or 'embrace'.

    Trust me, Rinko. Of so many women I have come across, when their princes come for them, everyone goes irrational, everyone goes for tunnel vision... and I have known many who have become second women of such princes... or what is socially known as 'mistresses'.

    Unless the laws upgrade themselves, people such as Mdm Neo will officially have only Jack Neo, and mistresses will never be wives. ^.^

    But that doesn't mean you won't have the prince charming. Women can still have their choices: Pass or embrace.

    Given a fine chat here, I suppose your grace upon my nosensical rants will be most welcomed. I always prefer more friends than foes; but that is not also within our choice.

    You are friendly, I cherish friendship. And you are most welcomed to my blog and express yourself anytime... just stay away from the Notices.