Saturday, January 31, 2009

What was never to be... (SBA) Part 1

i love commenting on my fellow pingster's entries on SBA... i would say usually i like to lurk and post comments... somehow after commenting so much i FEEL [*awed inspired by a certain post which i commented on and had feedback on*] like talking about it...

i will state here that this might be WoT [wall of text, outputed from my brain, which has too many RANDOM facts, as it is XD] and if it OFFENDS anyone then i can only point 'its me, my brain and a laptop', dun bother suing me, cos i am a broke working average adult.... [its partially true, but if u really sued me, i would go like <.<" seriously dun take what ever i said too literally XD]

so anywayz lets start in the begining [the end being that a 10 member committee has only 3 remainding members XD]

ok one very fine day, yours truely decided to read TODAY while trying to clear her system in the toliet [bad habbit learn for my dad XD] instead of the usual Twilight Series novel [oh yes i adore twilight XD i stalk twilight news XD]

so on to the story.. i read it i was like hrmmmmm... sounds pretty superficial... there were 'signs' and lets say overall the article wasn;t really that DETAILED as in somehow it felt a 'PR event'... [trying to say felt too plastic, like a PR event? like a scripted article, lacked of some form of dedication]

i was like hrm... and didn;t think much about it until a few days later i came onto Ping to check the articles...

and i saw prbably around 3 to 4 articles... perked my interest to do some light reading while @ work...

read about the president, then about the goals felt i dunnoe i just dun feel that i would want to join, i mean 'professional blogging', really we need a degree for bloging now? *eye roll*

but anywayz i wasn;t really in for this association thing, felt to me like blogging and forming and association really doesn;t go well [Official Blogging Assocition] like what goverment lackeys in disguise LOL [i am neutral to political parties, but last election well i had the chance to vote... no candies for guessing who i voted for :P]

i am a rather simple person, i believe yes PAP is good [u give ur freedom for security, which is a good thing on the surface...] but i dun really keep in tune with their policies much... how do i put this, i dun really care for politics, but yet i dun like the idea of one party... oppositions are good [except for dr. chee, sorry i can;t understand his problem... i tried but i got lost after he got arrested, wait there's even that kangaroo incident, funny yes, but in a more serious Point of view, its going a step too far, call me conservative :P]

oh well i am no PAP lackey, have no desire to join them, or keep in tune with watever they decide... cos if they didn;t do it right, singaporean would XD XD [complainnnnnn XD]

ok ok back to topic, instead of my political inclinations XD

so anyhows, the following REFLECTS my thoughts on this...

to me right, blogging is a right of freedom of speech [including cursing my relatives, parents and their friends... not in the way 'die noww' more of letting off steam]

but yes lets looking @ blogging in SG....

we have the popular ppl like DK, Mr Brown, Xiaxue so on and forth...

then we have people affilated to certain bloging circles [ping, tomorrow]

then people who are affilated to companies [nuffang]

then the common people like me... that lurk and post comments

so there;s the breakdown

how similar are they, i ask u... yes some people overlap the cicles and stuff but lets say the lower ppl lurk and comment on the above 3 catagories....

Pro bloggers like DK and XX vs me, whose blog is just to kill my own boredom and create devices to keep me entertained XD

coming to the important question do we need a associaion to unite them?

the answer is NO..... everyone is different, like for example XX and DK writing styles are different... this seems like an effort to unite and streamline the blogsphere so its a unite ARMY or drones [no not gundams... gundams are godly XD]

and what OBJECTIVE is the association for

Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is a non-profit association. It is dedicated to promoting, protecting and educating its members; supporting the development of blogging as new media. I hope eventually it can help to provide legal assistance to bloggers too. It is a professional body for bloggers in Singapore.

let me translate this LOL non profit association that u need to pay the following
Entrance fee : S$50 (one time)
Yearly subscription : S$ 60 (Ordinary Membership)
S$100 (Corporate Membership)
This money pays for or subsidises courses or workshops for member bloggers unless there are sponsors.

promoting: XD yes we are all goods/models for hire [paid reviews? <.<"]

protecting: i wonder can we hire a top lawyer if we get sued for defamation (since that is the number one subject bloggers overseas get sued for)

Educating: congrats u now have a degree in blogging after u attended our in house seminars by famous bloggers [that u of course have to pay.....]

supporting the development of blogging as new media: direct translation means that we are new media, we need to be herd in the right direction joining them u'll be guided by a non-profit organisation [which will harness u with the right set of scales with abit of moolahs involved], with 'support of the goverment'...

yes really thats what it read to me the lowest level of the blogging community.... and with the worsing economy, everyone should join, so once u get the degree u can be called a certified blogger and earn moolahs (ya u need capital to invest first thou, and hopefully earn your money back, when by then comercially entities are approaching us the new media for endorsments... sounds familar?)

ok lets see it from a political view [even know it's not political influenced]

so one fine day Mr. C decided 'i dun like SG gahmen' and posted some thing defaming SG gahmen....

possible senarios
a. blogger forced to take down post
b. which ever minister will sue for defamation

ok if scenario 2 happens, do u think that ur membership will get u a great lawyer, and u win ur case?

the only poosible senario is 1 or u can kiss ur membership goodbye and dig out monies to hire someone cheap and loose and end up in jail... [under ISA they can have u under house arrest... lol]

i am being realistic.... from the association PoV why would we help a fellow who defamed the goverment when we need the same said goverment backing.. its that obvivous...

so anywayz back to the topic... lets talk about the president... the chooper wielding president [imagine fann wong with a chopper, except fann wong is prettier XD]

but really such a brazen person handling this association seems dangerous.... really... its abit of a turn off becos, thou its good to face things heads on, but being brazen wun help much in times of needs... i think they need someone calm and sensible and matured [i need one of those as my BF thou LOL]

but anywayz looking @ SG blogsphere i only have this to say
people tend to blog for themselves, probbly run a few people down and then start a big hoo haaa which will die like 2 weeks max and everything start all over again over another thing…

such a senario has been going on and on… for good or worst, its been like that… and to change that into old newspaper style of writing would seem pretty Zzzzz to me i guess…

for me its entertaining, if this changes to something like a news reporting or plain old boring product reviews, then what will blogging become Drone blogs? Drone blogging LOL

part 1 END
too tired, had only like 4 hours of sleep :( so i think i should stop b4 i tell u pigs can flyyyyy LOL

yup continue tomorrow or on monday.. .complains welcomed XD

*rolls off to wow land*

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