Friday, April 30, 2010


to me i hate silence, i understand people think silence is a way to say wait i am thinking or i am just listening

silence to me has a another entire meaning, either either ur spacing out or there is something wrong...

the latter happens to be what i think when i go to class and the fella over there becomes so quite its abit unnevering

i hate silence, maybe becos i was born as a hyperactive child, my mind moves every sec thinking of too many things... and to me silence is just like locking myself in a padded room and left to my own guilty pleasures

i admit the only time i am silent is when i am drunk, i find that its hard to do something while not letting another thing happen, yeah something like a control freak when i am drunk.... i dun want to do something that cos an involuenterry reaction...

then the guy seems to think i care too much, so maybe is should stop asking him if he;s alright and let him be, but then again i am like that i worry for people, as for myself anything will slide i guess [well as long as its nothing against my morals XD]

sighs what should i do, i am concern but i do that shotgun reaction when i find someone silent as a rock... sighs....


  1. you're not subscribing to 'silence is gold', huh? :)


  2. haha depends, sometimes its ok but but too many times its hard la XD

  3. "then again i am like that i worry for people" <- this part is real sweet, though.


  4. thanks XD people say i am a motherly person, my mum thinks i care too much and am too generous....

    its a good thing for people but she thinks i should be more selfish which is just not me?

    next entry XD