Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bleh new year

ok i am having this weird sleep like 4am wake up @ 12pm routine going around... sighs

i get busy with DVD/cleaning room then FB and stuff and by the time i know it, its already 4am... tsk tsk very bad...

oh well on another note new year was a more solemn one, went to a temple and another temple... was really something different, most new years all i do is SLEEP [i sound like a pig <.<""]

japan is not like other countries, no fireworks this time... sighs

ok i am sitting here and writing this weird random info, since i posted a comment on someone;s blog

call me old fashion but i dun really want to give up my virginity b4 i get married, cos seriously, i have no money, how the hell would i suport my kids? and seriously working my ass off to support someone is just not proper...band also kids cannot survive on air alone [unlike the adults lol]

to me, if i have a kid i want to give him or her my entire time and devotion, having a kid is not a one of thing that u got it, congrats have fun time to time... kids need attention [go to a mac and appreciate the hell u put ur parents thru when u were young]

and if u can;t give them a sense of security and attention they require its best off not having them... i love kids [ok i think i do, but not when they re bawling their hearts out, its heart ranching]

life is short they say, u'll need to enjoy it, but to me, having a mini me [my kids] is something that would be very interesting, teaching him.her then stuff i know would be so adorable [i sound weird as in adorable is not a good phrase to use LOL]

sighs... now where;s that naked guy in a box present that i asked santa? XD

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  1. I wish you'd find a great guy, and have a great everlasting love story till the very end, plus great kids.