Wednesday, September 30, 2009

going to japan for a year

heading there to study @ yamasa institute for a year, will post here mainly and in my LJ

my feeling is like excited yet nervous, i haven;t been living alone since i was born, oh the disaters waiting to happen.... [after my mum leaves after 2 weeks i am on my own... happy joy, colddddddd]

oh well packing is a bitch, packing my stuff is like ZOMG bring everything, then i reliased that.... WILL I HAVE TIME?????

i really want to bring my jewellery making stuff... BUT i dun think i;ll have time for it...

right now i have
CSI novels
CSI dvds
harlequin novels
knitting stuff

in my luguage which should me more then occupied...

oh well i think enoguh is enough....

i mean great i have the stuff but will i have time to make those fancy jewelleries?

and i am suppose to be studying....

ah well... can;t be fussy... so too bad looks like my jewellery will not be going....

and the urge to brign it is great but the knowledge of me lying it around and emoing is greater LOL

thats all for today

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